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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting to the heart of the matter . . .

I see that some of the issues I have been personally struggling with for years, but far more intensely over the past year-and-two-thirds are now becoming front-and-center in the homeschool world at large. (For a brief glimpse of what I am talking about from my perspective, see my Denis Lamoureux's Evolutionary Creation, Part II post from July 21, 2009. I promised, at the end, "to note some places where I think Lamoureux probably failed, adequately, to do all his homework. Or, if he did his homework, he failed, adequately, to express what I believe he should have." --But I never wrote what I promised because I have found myself lacking the knowledge base on which, properly, to build my case.)

But now--as evidenced by my last two posts here in Forbidden Questions--I realize the homeschool world is being engulfed by the issues that disturbed me.

I still wish and want to build my case the way I would like, but I think it would behoove me, at least, to acknowledge from where my great discomfort arises.

"Truth" (with a capital "T"!) v provisional theology

I am finding that the mental pocket knife of my last post ("Theology is to the Bible as [Geological] Science is to Rocks"; or, "Theology is to [Geological] Science as the Bible is to Rocks") -- that mental pocket knife has more usefulness than I might have imagined.

A division in (Christian) homeschool circles that has been slowly making its presence felt now seems to be ready for showtime.

And let me state, before I say anything else, I find this division extremely sad. I am concerned that the Christian homeschool marketplace--the marketplace of ideas--is about to be riven in the same way (again, very sadly) as the American culture as a whole seems to be being riven.

No longer will people be willing to speak with or to one another. Now we are about to begin to see shouting matches.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Science, theology, the Bible and rocks . . .

I was astonished this morning to receive notice from a friend on Facebook of this post by Dr. Jay Wile, an arch young-earth creationist and founder of Apologia Ministries, who was willing, actually, to stand up for decent treatment of someone of a radically different perspective than his own.

Reading some of the responses to his post

--"these are unbiblical views"--

--"[Such a] view . . . is clearly not Biblical"--


reminds me of something I have been trying to figure out how best to post here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saw this in yesterday's comics . . .

For some reason, it seems to fit the subject matter of this blog.

In response to Rob's sarcastic suggestion that Bucky is "a real think tank," Bucky Katt comments,